Discover BTM’s Tog-L-Loc clinching technology at FAST/PPME Exhibition

Clinching is a fastening process that can open up new horizons and opportunities for design teams working with metals. BTM’s Tog-L-Loc clinching technology is already used by many household names to produce products that we use every day, and for good reason!

The Tog-L-Loc Patented system offers:

  • Consistently accurate and repeatable joints
  • Great economies with a long tool life of 300,000 joints common
  • Excellent versatility, dissimilar metals can be joined
  • Simplicity with a simple Punch & Die arrangement

In the automotive sector, BTM technology is already helping to produce top quality components at economical rates including fuel tank straps, sun roof frames, exhaust heat shields, pedal brackets, bonnets, air conditioning pipeworks, fuel tank shields, steering wheel pivot arm adjusters and parcel shelf trays amongst more.

Leading manufacturers of white goods including dishwashers, tumble driers, microwave cookers and washing machines are also all making extensive use of BTM joining technologies to maximise quality, improve productivity and reduce costs too.

Using coated materials? No problems for BTM joining technology. With further application experience in the building, construction, HVAC and leisure markets as well as general industrial use our technical team here in the UK will be pleased to work with you and discuss the various options for your project.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the application base to help you put it together better. Visit us at the FAST Exhibition, co-located with the PPME Exhibition, at the Concorde Centre in Manchester on 21 April.

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