Find out more about FATH’s aluminium roller track profiles at FAST/PPME Exhibition

FATH Components will be using the FAST and PPME Exhibition this April to promote its wide range of transport units and accessories for aluminium roller track profiles.

The transport units can be easily assembled from above – and without tools. The choice available covers a diversity of rollers, ball rollers, brush and slide units. Importantly, all units can be freely combined.

FATH have roller shapes that can accommodate many types of application, each designed specifically to meet special requirements regarding running smoothness, centre distance and load capacity.

They supply 28mm diameter rollers with a flange for lateral guidance, in addition to the 9mm version, which has a very small centre distance and maximum number of axles, and is designed to build tracks that run very smoothly, with minimum vibration. The 9mm provides a reduced point load on the goods and is said to be well suited for use with very soft cardboard or other sensitive packaging.

All units are available as electrostatically conductive versions, while the various colours available make them highly suitable for Kanban applications.

Ball rollers and brush units provide solutions for moving goods in two directions, even transversely to the track direction – for example, at track switches and material locks. End plates close the end face of the track profile safely and provide a defined end stop. They also allow for attachment of buffer stops and are compatible with the 28mm diameter round tube system.

To find out more about their aluminium roller track profiles, as well as the other products on offer from FATH Components, visit their stand at the FAST and PPME Exhibition at the Concorde Centre in Manchester on 21st April 2016.